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Cozy weddings with just the couple's favorite people are our personal favorites. That's one of the reasons we love Promise Ridge, that, the people and the view.

Sweet, sunny wedding at Alisa Tongg's beautiful Promise Ridge

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Marissa and Brendon’s wedding was such a fun day. It was filled with laughter from beginning to end, and the dance floor was packed through the whole reception (kudos to DJ Mast). I could make an album of just photos of Marissa and Brendon dancing, they couldn’t leave each other’s side. Take a look   […]

Marissa + Brendon | The Cork Factory Hotel wedding

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Karla and Frank’s wedding was the cutest. It took place at Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster, MD. It is a lovely place, with green outdoor spaces, a cozy barn, and some farm animals that made me happy. The forecast  called for umbrella’s, but fortunately, the rain held off until we were all indoors for the […]

Karla + Frank | Carroll County Farm Museum Wedding

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Cozy and intimate weddings are my favorite, and this one is no exception. Nicolette and Jeremy had a beautiful and unique wedding. Every detail was so creative and definitely their own, from their paper origami mobile unity ceremony, to the cat and dog masks (because Nicolette didn’t like the idea of wearing a veil), they […]

Nicolette + Jeremy | Historic Shady Lane greenhouse wedding

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I am so exited about this wedding. I already new Jennifer and Mohamed and her parents from their engagement session with their cute pup Chester. I knew they were awesome and sweet, and was happy to keep in touch with Jenn on Instagram, but witnessing their wedding was beyond words. It was such a beautiful day, with […]

Jenn + Mohamed | Historic Shady Lane wedding sneak peek

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