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Last time I moved, life brought me to York, Pennsylvania. That's how I ended up meeting Scott, and we have rarely been apart since. He especially loves to travel to warm places, enjoys reading, the occasional cigar and dram of whisky. Since we have been together, Scott has found a love for camping, hiking, and very importantly, photography. He's the most thoughtful person you could have on your team, and I am freaking lucky to have him by my side in both business and life.

On any given day, you'll find us at home, looking unglamorous, cuddling with the pups, spending hours in the kitchen, listening to a peculiar mix of songs (we have different though sometimes overlapping music tastes), and working on learning a new language.

I grew up outdoorsy, and absolutely love nature. I've respectfully chased snakes and bears for a good photo. I'm also lucky to have lived in different places, and crossed paths with people of diverse backgrounds and traditions. It makes life more interesting, broadens your perspective, and it even gives you more food to love.


Miles between our hometowns


Portions in a pint of ice cream, according to scott


our favorite rum


I'm mostly Venezuelan, he's a Lancaster guy.
We both love visiting new places, eating at holes in the wall, are loyal friends, and would really like to meet your dog.


We love being outdoors, especially with the pups. We are at home in our backpacking tent, with our tiny stove, and our cozy sleeping bags. The less human made sounds, the better. My favorite place to camp was probably Yellowstone, listening to the elk in September. Big Bend NP is also amazing, but like Assateague, maybe don't go in the summer. And for new places, we are hoping to go on a National Parks road trip around Utah, the Tetons or Washington soon. Or start from San Diego, where my brother lives.

Hiking & Camping



From Cuban to Moroccan, there's a bunch of places that we really enjoy around here, and we are always excited to try something new. But we love cooking and eating at home. I've been spending time in the kitchen since I was a kid, and I cook from scratch almost every day. I enjoy the chopping, the sounds, the scents, but I hate the dishes. Some of our favorite things to make are pizza, Lebanese and Venezuelan food (Scott makes great perico & arepas). Sometimes I'll get fancy and make Eggs Benedict, or even Beef Wellington.



Short trips to a town nearby, a National Park road trip, or hopping on a plane, we love it all. Our favorite places so far are probably Azores & Yellowstone for me, and Hawaii & Aruba for Scott. We also love our little trips though, like to Baltimore, Frederick (MD), and Assateague. We really want to make it to Ireland, and all Mediterranean countries.
So if you think you are too far from us, please reach out! We have been discounting travel fees, because we want to do more of what makes us happy.

Our happy places

Banana Peppers + black olives + sausage or roasted red peppers

Pizza Topping

Anchovies (good ones, under the cheese), aNd I love a good margherita

Thanksgiving and Saint Patrick's day

New Year's eve into new year, AT HOME, WEARING yellow underwear

Tahiti, samoa and Thailand - Guess what his least favorite season is

Canaima nAtional ParK (VENEZUELA), FALKLAND ISLANDS & Serengeti NATIONAL PARk (Tanzania)

Day Of The Year

Bucket List Trip



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