I'm mostly Venezuelan. I love my pups, nature, traveling, cooking, eating, and starting the day with a hot cup of coffee, especially with that guy. His name is Scott. He's my favorite, and my second shooter.

Scotty is a Lancaster County guy who also loves to travel (in particular to warm places), and he'll try all kinds of food with me. He enjoys food, reading, watches, a cigar from time to time, and drinks his whiskey neat.


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We believe love is the most beautiful thing, and that all love deserves to be documented. We believe crossing paths with people with different backgrounds and traditions makes life richer, more interesting!

Finally, we believe people should just enjoy and be present on their wedding day, take it all in. We will take photos of all those little details you took your time to choose. But we think the most important part of a wedding is the commitment you are making, and all the humans you choose to be there with you. 

A belief in love & friendship