All plans been re-written this year, but here’s to making the best of it. Eloping wasn’t their original plan, but they decided this was the best for them, and I’m so happy we were a part of it. There’s something really sweet about a gathering with just a few very close people, where everybody gets […]

This one was a bit tricky to schedule, because Josephine and Matt were flying from Texas. Between the forecast and all they had to do, we had to move things around all the way to days before. But, I am so glad we did because the day was perfect. They are so cute together. They […]

I seriously loved this day. These girls are so sweet, adorable together, trusted us to do our thing, and I’m not going to lie, how stylish they are made me happy. –Niki, I’d take your styling advice any time 😉 Niki and Elisa wanted to do their photos in Bethlehem PA, because it has meaning […]

I am so happy January gave us this unseasonably warm sunny day. We met at Lititz Springs park. We walked around the park, got mud on our boots, saw a hawk and its pray, fed the ducks back in the spot where Nathan proposed to Maureen almost a year before, and  must of all, we […]