Natasha + A-Mac | At-Home Elopement

All plans been re-written this year, but here’s to making the best of it.

Eloping wasn’t their original plan, but they decided this was the best for them, and I’m so happy we were a part of it. There’s something really sweet about a gathering with just a few very close people, where everybody gets to share the day together. That said, we are ready for their big celebration at The Bond next year, where they will be able to see all of their loved ones.

Back to the beginning. They had us arrive when Natasha was just about ready for the ceremony to start. It rained that day, so they also had to change the backyard ceremony plans, but they made it beautiful just the same. It was sweet and happy, and a joy to witness.

After that the weather was nicer, and we went for a walk in the backyard for portraits. Natasha even got white peacock chairs, which went beautifully with her dress and boho flower crown. After that, we were invited to have dinner with everybody. They made us feel like family. It was one of the best days photography has given me. We stayed around and had so much fun, there was dancing, long conversations in the patio, oh, and the food was so goood.

Truly some of the best people.

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