This spring Terrain at Styer’s wedding was the best day — Glen Mills, PA

(35mm film)

Ever since I saw a photo of a wedding at Terrain, I have wanted to photograph a wedding there. It seemed like the perfect venue to someone like me who shares the house with more than 100 plants. After this lovely spring wedding, I can say that I loved it even more in person. The whole day was beautiful. The sun was out, the details were pretty, the food was so good… But the fact that it was Liz and Craig’s wedding was the best part.

It’s hard to have a subjective job sometimes. So when people come back for photos, reach out when they start a family, or send their friends and relatives our way, it means a everything. This wedding is all of the above.

I first met Craig when I photographed his brother’s wedding in 2016 (Kyle and Melissa’s was actually the first wedding I ever Blogged!). I love Kyle and Melissa. When I first met them they came to my home and sat on the floor with my Doko, throwing his gross toy at him until he decided to lay down. Then sat with me and we talked, a bit about weddings, a lot about dogs. Craig was the best man at their wedding, and I remember laughing a lot (and crying) when he gave his best man’s speech. I’ve been fortunate to photograph several weddings on their circle, and I was actually taking photos on a wedding dance floor when Craig tapped me on the shoulder. He said him and Liz were engaged, and he would reach out soon. I was so excited.

We talked, they hired us, I was thrilled. I got to know them more during their engagement photos. Craig and Elizabeth are these kind, funny, easygoing humans, and you cannot not smile around Liz’s happy self. The whole wedding reflected that. The details were pretty yet simple, her dress had this botanical lace that was perfect for the setting, the people were awesome and very fun, everything was just right.

When I asked Liz if the day was what she imagined when we stepped out at sunset, her face lit up (even more) and she said “It’s better!”. I agree.

This is not a recipe blog, so I’ll stop writing and show you the main photos, right after I tell you one more thing. If you scroll all the way down, you’ll see a photo that I requested. Jeff asked is this “the Maria family”? As he was walking towards the group of people, and I like that name for it. I didn’t even know that Jeff and Jenna knew Craig and Liz! It was so nice to see them. It’s a group photo of all the people who hired me (now us) as their wedding photographer(s) that were in this wedding, and I was so happy to hug all of them. It’s surreal.

Liz, Craig, thank you so much! I can’t wait to see you again in November, and on whatever the next one is after that.

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