Boardwalk and beach engagement session — Ocean City, NJ

You would not guess by the photos that this amazing day in Ocean City was not the original plan. Kristina and Ryan first reached out about their upcoming wedding at The Abbie Holmes Estate after they saw some of our photos of a wedding we had just photographed at The Abbie. At the time, the plan was doing an engagement session at Longwood Gardens, and we were all really excited about it. But 2021 was a tricky year for planning things, and when the gardens were not an option anymore they decided on Ocean City instead. They both grew up going there with their families every year. So it was a familiar, happy place for both of them which is all you can ask for.

We first met close to the boardwalk. The weather was really nice, sunny and pleasant, perfect for walking around. We started at the beach and then headed to the boardwalk. Along the way we talked about their family trips, ice cream sprinkles, pizza, all the important things. We stopped for ice cream at Kohr Bros, then we all got in the ferris wheel which was really cute. Then we went for a short drive to end the session with the prettiest sunset at the Longport Bridge Beach. It was perfect.

It also was an excuse to take the pups to the beach! It had been too long, and they loved it.

K&R, I really can’t wait for your wedding this fall!

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