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Cozy weddings with just the couple's favorite people are our personal favorites. That's one of the reasons we love Promise Ridge, that, the people and the view.

Sweet, sunny wedding at Alisa Tongg's beautiful Promise Ridge

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I am so happy January gave us this unseasonably warm sunny day. We met at Lititz Springs park. We walked around the park, got mud on our boots, saw a hawk and its pray, fed the ducks back in the spot where Nathan proposed to Maureen almost a year before, and  must of all, we […]

Maureen + Nathan | Lititz Springs park engagement photos

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I started doing weddings on my own on 2013, and this was the first wedding I did, also my first TBT. Ryan was deployed at the time Veronika first contacted me, and he came back for a little bit just in time for their wedding. As you could imagine they were overflowing with happiness, you could […]

Verokina + Ryan | Austin TX Elopement

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