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I have two favorite venues, Alisa Tongg’s Promise Ridge and the Peter Shields Inn. They are both beautiful in very different ways, but have one important thing in common, they host cozier weddings instead of big parties. The mood in weddings where just the couple’s closest people are present is just different, you can see how present everybody, and you could definitely see it in Ashely and Glen’s wedding.

We first met Ashely and Glen in person for their Harrisburg engagement session, where we got to see their pups and meet Glen’s dad for a little bit. Their session was super cute and made me even more excited to be photographing their wedding.

When the day came, we met them at the hotel where they were getting ready. We took photos of them getting their finishing touches and then we drove Ashely to Promise Ridge to meet Glen for their first look. It was the sweetest, Glen couldn’t even wait for Ashely to get to him to turn around.

After that, Glen and Ashely went to the mural room to hide when guests started arriving for the ceremony, officiated by Alisa. I love her ceremonies. She manages to make them feel personal, get everybody attending to feel like a big part of it, and keeps them heartfelt with enough fun. One of my favorite things is seeing family and friends pass the rings around at Alisa’s request, if you scroll you can see Ashely’s grandmother holding them between her hands.

After the ceremony, we moved to the pavilion, where Ashely and Glen got to toast and laught with their guests. And then they snuck out for a private first dance and a half, because they started dancing to the music that was playing, and then when Penn Strings started playing their song, they got to do it all over again.

Scroll to see the photos of their day, and if you want to see more Promise Ridge photos, take a look at this cute elopement.

The Team

Officiant: Alisa Tongg

Venue: Promise Ridge

Hair and Makeup: Melissa Brana

Music: Penn Strings

Photography: Maria Silva-Goyo Photography

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