Stylish Cross and Orange Wedding — Asbury Park, NJ

If you are looking for stylish, fun, beach wedding inspo, Rachel and Benjamin’s wedding is it. We talked for a while before the wedding, even though we didn’t meet in person until the they off, and I was so excited. First time we were going over the timeline, I asked if cocktail hour would be an hour (sometimes they are longer) and they said cocktail hour wouldn’t end. They didn’t want a formal dinner, they wanted a relaxed vibe, where everytbody would enjoy their time and hang out, so the whole reception was one big cocktail hour, and I loved it.

But let’s start from the beginning, we met them when they were finishing getting ready, and then headed to the Asbury Park Casino for their first look. It was a busier than I expected for April, but behind the casino they were able to have that quiet moment for themselves. From there we went to the boardwalk for some portraits and headed to Cross and Orange for the cute outdoor ceremony, followed by the perfect reception. Which means I need to mention Carismas Design for keeping everything on track and being super helpful through the day.

Take a look, and this way for more beach weddings.

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