Vic & Anna’s sunset engagement — Brigantine Beach, NJ

I love this day. There was a non-stop storm on the original day we were supposed to meet Anna and Victoria for these photos, so we rescheduled to sometime in November and were rewarded with the perfect day.

We started with the two of them and their pup Kyra. She is the happiest dog, and was great, as long as we didn’t keep her too far from them. Then Victoria’s mom was kind enough to take Kyra so we could do the rest of the session with just the two of them. It was cool enough but not too cold, breezy and beautiful. We got the perfect pink sunset at the end, and I think it’s fair to call it my favorite portrait session to date. Fast forward to this summer, when we met them again in for their wedding at the always perfect Peter Shields Inn. It was a heartfelt, beautiful day, full of love and another pink beautiful sunset, this time at the lighthouse in Cape May. I’ll try to post that one a little faster than this one, but for now I will leave you a sneak peek at the end.

Something you didn’t know, Elmer was a young pup and due to the rescheduling, we ended up having to bring him along and witnessed the whole session.

And here’s one of the sunset photos we took of their Cape May wedding last month.

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