A sunset walk engagement session — Hoboken, NJ

Emily and Paul got married at the Peter Shields in Cape May about a month after we met for these photos, and although I always say couple’s / engagement sessions are not necessary, it’s always so nice to get to know you a little before the wedding. And it was definitely the case with them, it felt so easy to jump into it when we saw them again.

That said, it was crazy getting to this one. We were traveling to Ocean City for a mini vacation we had to take for a wedding that was delayed, and my car’s transmission decided to stop working properly when we stopped for lunch outside Philly. So I could not get my manual transmission to go into reverse at all, and first gear wasn’t happening either. We were half way there, and we had this session to get to, so I got us there like that. When finally someone agreed to look at my car, we drove there only for him to say to leave it there and he’d look at it sometime the following week. So off to Hoboken we went, and thankfully we found the perfect parking lot for our situation.

We met Emily and Paul on a cute street with old brick houses, and then headed towards the water. They took us to a spot where you could see both the Hoboken and Manhattan skylines, which was nice, and then we kept walking to catch the sunset by the water, where Emily was very happy to take her sandals off, and finish the session with Manhattan painted in orange in the background.

We made it home safely after the session. And after wanting to throw my car down a cliff during this trip, I can say that it’s still really fun to drive that little bug on the highway.

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