Surprise proposal — Cape May, NJ

I still get a bit of goosebumps going through this photos. We had never photographed a proposal but (documentary) wedding photography is the perfect training. Grant wanted a perfect sunset proposal, and after planning the logistics for a little bit, the day arrived.

Scott and I headed back to the beach that we had checked that morning. We felt like spies waiting for them to go on a walk before dinner. We were early to be ready and to write the message on the sand for Grant. While we waited we politely asked a few people to go to another part of the beach, we wanted it to be perfect for them and I was worried someone would step on the message!

But we sat, and waited until they were finally there. They passed us without noticing us sitting with our gear tucked in our laps. For a moment I thought Grant couldn’t find the message, but then we knew exactly when they found it. It was such a sweet moment to witness. We got closer, but Christina was so deep in the moment that it took her a while to see us. When they did see us, we got to say hi. And then we spent some time taking photos with the prettiest sunset, moving around to keep them warm. We chatted for a bit. Christina told us she knew Grant was up to something, but she thought the surprise was a puppy! And I am happy to report they did get a puppy later on, and she’s adorable.

It was an honor to do this, and I’m very excited to see them again for their engagement session, and then again for their big day next year, all of them in Cape May and I’m not mad about it.

Take a look at this beautiful day, and then you can head this way for more Cape May engagement photos.

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