Cozy backyard wedding at the family farm — Sparks, MD

I still remember how excited I was when I started sharing emails with Danielle. I already liked her from her emails. Her and Sawyer were planning on getting married at Springfield Farm in Sparks, MD. The farm has been in her family for decades and decades, and when she told me she was going to get ready in the same room where her mom got ready when she got married, I got goosebumps. I was so happy when they decided to have us photograph their wedding, and a bit nervous since Sawyer is a photographer himself.

Time passed, and because of the uncertainty that Covid brought, they decided to postpone their big celebration until 2022, and to have a small gathering with their closest friends and family members on the original date. Although not ideal, they made the best of it. Danielle had fun with her bridal outfit since she got to chose a second one, still got ready in that beautiful room with both their mothers, and had a sweet first look with her girls. It was such a relaxed happy day. Her grandfather wore his overalls, Sawyer took photos with his film camera, and the ducks walked around during the small ceremony by the pond. It was as sweet, heartfelt and also pretty was funny.

After that we crossed the road to end the afternoon with photos on a field, tables full of crab, happy toasts, a cute wedding cake and George, a handsome bull that was sort of invited.

It was an amazing day with amazing people, and we will gladly be there again for part two.

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