Multicultural backyard elopement — Harrisburg, PA

Liz & Anees had the most beautiful, intimate wedding, accompanied by immediate family, and streamed around the world to their loved ones.

Liz was absolutely right, her mother’s home was the perfect place for a small wedding. The trees were starting to turn, the weather was pleasant, and the light was beautiful. Coming from different backgrounds and having much appreciation for others’ believes and traditions, Liz and Anees had the most beautiful self-uniting ceremony, with participation of some of their relatives and borrowing traditions from many corners of this world of ours. The whole ceremony was live-streamed so it didn’t matter how far their friends and relatives were, they all got to be a part of it. Not only that, after the portraits, we moved on to a reception, with toasts from people both present and through the magic of technology, and it didn’t feel awkward or distant, quite the opposite. There were laughs and happy tears, and so much love. And after that, they got to hang out for a little bit with each group of virtual guests, so they even got to say hi and mingle!

Last year was unlike any year, but one thing I can say is that it was amazing to see a new layer of appreciation for friends, family, and for being able to celebrate love, in whatever terms made sense for each couple. Hopefully we all keep practicing that part.

The team:

Planning: Rel(EVENT) Event Planning pulled this off in around two weeks.

Flowers: Blooms By Vickrey

H&MU: Kaity Parma

Live Streaming: Love Stream

Catering: Mangia Qui

Photography: Maria & Scott | Maria Silva-Goyo Photography

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