Family photos at Cedar Creek Park | Allentown PA

This family photo session at Cedar Creek Park was the cutest. Before Kristen reached out to have these done, we had done indoors Christmas photos of her side of the family last november (or December?), and they were super cute and cozy. There were a bunch of kids, two adorable pups, and also they even got some bright Christmas sweaters for the end of the session.

This time around, we met her in a sunny beautiful day to do photos of the Miller side of the family. This was our backup date, due to a COVID-19 reschedule (everybody is healthy but they were being cautious), and I’m glad that happened because we had the prettiest of days.

Thank you guys for letting us be your family photographers! 😊

P.S.: If you are in the Allentown area looking for a location for photos, this is the spot. There’s gardens, the creek, sculptures, it’s a beautiful place and I’m really happy Kristen suggested it. We would love to go back and see The Malcolm Gross Rose Garden is at its prime, but even after that, it was a perfect location.

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