Debora + Taylor | Elk Neck State Park Engagement

Debora and Taylor are the cutest couple. We drove to Elk Neck State Park for the first part of their photos, and we would happily go back to the Chesapeake Bay area for photos, or just for fun (and dinner). But this was not what they had in mind. They are getting married in Puerto Rico next year, and they were supposed to go there this summer, spend time with family and do their engagement photos there. This plans had to be scratched for the time being, but thankfully Debora found us online, and realized we were neighbors! She’s the sweetest neighbor you could have, so we were happy it was her.

But back to the photos. They wanted to have that beach vibe to their photos, so Taylor did some research and found Elk Neck State Park. Scott took the backroads and our drive there was beautiful. We took photos as we walked to the lighthouse, and it was really pretty, and not a bad walk at all. Then when we were done, we realized we were all very hungry, and stopped for dinner together. Finally, we did a mini session the next day so they could get dressed up and included Deb’s pup, which I was very excited about. You have to see his cute face!

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