Ironstone Ranch Wedding | Darian & Ryan

My heart broke for Darian and Ryan when they had to postpone their Spring wedding. But I still got to see them because her mom and sister planned a scavenger hunt for them on that day, and secretly reached out to me to follow them and document it. That day we talked about their new summer wedding plans, and they had decided that whether it had to be just them or they could have their loved ones with them like they hoped, they wouldn’t wait passed their new date to get married.

Fortunately, they were able to celebrate and have the wedding they dreamed of, only with lots of hand sanitizer.

It was a happy day, and like other weddings this year, you could see how much everybody appreciated being able to be there and celebrate together. The ceremony was hilarious but still personal and emotional, the toasts were heartfelt and fun, the horses were friendly, and we wish them the best forever and ever.

Here’s a look at their wedding day.

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