Elise + Chris | Codorus State Park colorful Fall Engagement

I loved this day. We had the most easy going and happy couple, their big cute pup, sunny skies, fall colors, and a colorful sunset by the water.

But let me go back and start from the beginning. We had been at Codorus State Park before, but not on this side. So we arrived early to go for a walk and plan the engagement session. We are always thinking about where the sun will be, because light changes everything. I was excited to see there were still some fall colors, the sun was bright, and it you could even feel a bit of warmth under it.

We met Elise, Chris and Ody by some colorful trees, and went for a long walk. We made our way through a dry corn field, because it was right there and the sun was lighting it up. Then we stopped at the marina on our way to the little beach, and Elise was disappointed the trees on the background had already lost their color. I was too, but I knew looking at where the sun would set, the sunset would color them orange later. And that’s why we ended the session there. So we kept walking, took photos by the water, went into the woods a little bit, took some close ups of Ody, to document how Chris proposed, and some just because he’s handsome. And finally, we finished by the dock at sunset, with the orange trees in the background =).

Take a look ↓

Codorus State Park engagement session photo with a dog under the fall colored trees
This face just makes me laugh, so I had to include it.
Couple walking with their dog under the colorful trees on their engagement session
Couple holding hands on a field at Codorus State Park
Couple holding each other on a field at Codorus State Park

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