Tuyen + Martin | Stock’s Manor Wedding

Tuyen and Martin are the kind open hearted kind of people, and so are the people they were surrounded by to celebrate their wedding this September day at Stock’s Manor.

The forecast said we’d be hit by a storm all the way till the last minute, which is why they got a tent to cover the ceremony space to keep their people dry and comfortable. Yet somehow, the rain didn’t come. Their ceremony was beautiful, their vows were the most loving, sweet and funny words. Scott actually sign-asked me from the opposite side of the tent if I was OK, because as most people there, I couldn’t keep my eyes dry. I’ll never get over the fact that it is our job to share in this moments with people. It’s a beautiful honor.

Then to top it off, all the details were awesome. The wedding party looked amazing. The guys wore my favorite suits ever, and the bridesmaids in miss-matched white dresses were on point. The flowers were beautiful and fun, dinner was so good, the DJ had the party going from the very beginning, and of course Tuyen and Martin looked as good as they looked happy, and they were inmensly happy.

I couldn’t be more thankful we got to be there with them.

If you are wondering how Stock’s Manor looks in early September, I can tell you it looks beautiful, but you can scroll down and see for yourself.

The people who helped make this beautiful day possible

Venue: Stock’s Manor

Florist: D. McGee Design Studio

DJ: Shawn from Complete Weddings + Events

Caterer: Stock’s on 2nd Catering

Officiants: Khoa Le & Timothy Nguyen

Photographers: Maria Silva-Goyo Photography

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