Cristal + Callan | Gettysburg and Thomasville engagement

I love green spaces, but I also love walking around towns and cities for photos. In this case, we got to do a little bit of both.

We started in Gettysburg, which is the town Cristal and Callan call home. We walked around looking for photogenic spots, and one of my favorite photos of the day was taken on a messy alley that had the best light! They walked blocks and blocks with us, till it was time to get on the road to finish our session at Hidden Springs Flower Farm. They made a stop to get Jensen, while we headed to the farm. We are always excited to have furry ones take part of sessions (and weddings!).

We are so excited for their spring wedding next year at The Lodges at Gettysburg! But till then, take a look =)


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