Rebecca + Jeff | Boiling Springs, PA Engagement

This day was awesome. Rebecca had previously inquired about wedding photography, and suddenly sent me an email to see if we could do an engagement session that weekend. I had a friend visiting from DC, but he’s the best and was up for being my impromptu assistant since Scott couldn’t make it.

So Beto and I got in the car and drove to Boiling Springs that weekend. They had recently moved from Ohio and were happy to be living so close to the Appalachian trail. We met by the Furnace near the trail, and walked a bit just to take some photos surrounded by the fall colors of the Appalachian trail. We then finished up by Children’s Lake, where I got to see The Bubble! (look it up)

I am super happy it worked out that weekend, and that we had our wedding meeting over Italian food, and really really happy we get to go take photos of them again this fall. Only this time we will have to drive a little longer to meet them in Chippewa Lake, Ohio. I can’t wait!



After we were done, we had to stop at their place for a minute, and all of their cats came out to say hi. That of course meant I had to take photos of them. These are not all of the photos, but I thought I’d show you their cute faces 😊.


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