Niki + Elisa | Bethlehem PA wedding photographer

I seriously loved this day. These girls are so sweet, adorable together, trusted us to do our thing, and I’m not going to lie, how stylish they are made me happy. –Niki, I’d take your styling advice any time 😉

Niki and Elisa wanted to do their photos in Bethlehem PA, because it has meaning to them. I believe a place with meaning is always better than a pretty backdrop, so we got in the car and met them there. They didn’t have any spots in mind, and we had never been there, so we just walked, and walked some more.We started somewhere downtown, stopping every time we spotted something interesting (a concrete planter with pretty flowers, ruins or hidden spots at a park did the trick). Then, like we had planned, we ended our session in Sand Island, which was very worth it (mosquito bites and all).

Thank you ladies for walking all over the place with a smile, and Elisa, sorry I was trying to figure out how to say your name in english, lapsus mentis day. I got it now. We can’t wait to get on the road again for your wedding next year!


Fun fact, Scott is the sun in these last two photos.


Not photo related, we have this thing were we try to make it to an Irish Pub after shoots. This time we stopped at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub for dinner and a beverage before heading back. Glad we did. The food was so good, the staff was great (plus whiskey). Consider stopping by if you are in the area.

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