Maggie + Joey | Historic Acres of Hershey wedding


Maggie and Joey are a joy to be around of. Maggie is even sweeter than she looks, Joey keeps her laughing and not even the cold weather could get their smiles off their faces. They decided to get married and set a up a date two weeks out, and Courtney from Sapphire Road weddings made it happen. It was my favorite kind of wedding, sweet and cozy. They were surrounded by just their families and their best friends, and you could tell how much everybody there cared for them.

Thank you so much guys for letting me witness and photograph your beautiful day!

May you keep each other laughing, and raise the happiest family together =)




The amazing team behind this wedding


Venue: Historic Acres of Hershey | Melodie Crawford

Planning and rentals: Sapphire Road Weddings |

Hair and Makeup: MKUP The Beauty

Florist: Chasing Blooms |

Officiant: Sealed with a Kiss by Kait |  Kait Verkest

Caterer: The Kitchen Table |

Photographer: Maria Silva-Goyo Photography | Maria







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