Joy + Zac | York winter engagement

Some dreams come true. In this case, these two awesome humans found each other, and we all got to do photos in the snow.

When we met to talk about their wedding, and cats, and dogs, and national parks, we talked about engagement photos. Joy wanted to start at home and then head to town. But aside from that, something she really wanted was a snow day engagement session. I was so exited because I always wanted to do that, plus they were the perfect people to go face the elements with, but come mid March I was loosing hope in the whole snow thing. Then came the storm, so I sent them a message, and hours later Zac and Joy drove us all to the park.

It looked so beautiful. Everything was covered in white and we had the place to ourselves. In my head, it wasn’t snowing like crazy while we took the photos, but luckily Joy and Zac had the best attitude and we brought an umbrella. It was tricky but absolutely worth it. They loved the photos, and now I get to share them with you.


Guys, I can’t wait to do this again for part two of your engagement photos – cats included =) -. And again later this year for the wedding!


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