Melony + Steven | York Wedding


I met Melony and Steven a couple of times before their wedding. Melony was focused in full planning mode and a little worried while Steven was not, but just like I told her, on her wedding day they didn’t have a worry in the world and just enjoyed every part of it. The lack of a mirror in the getting ready crowded space or a little rain here and there didn’t matter to them at all.

The day started at St John Episcopal Church, where the ceremony took place. After that we did something I love, we walked around. In this case we headed downtown for a quick photo at CrossFit York, because it is a big part of their lives, and then they went for a deserved pit stop with the wedding party at the Holy Hound, where they had their first beers as husband and wife. Then after making it official on Facebook, we headed to the reception, which took place outside Steven’s family’s home, where everybody got comfy and the party was going strong when we left.

To end, I want to say thank you and congratulations once again. It was a blast spending your wedding day with you. I hope your honeymoon was amazing and you both have lovely tans, and great things will  continue to come your way!







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