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Two seasons later, I am finally doing a blog post on my last shoot of 2015. I thought I was done for the year when Joni called me to take some pictures of Stush at the gorgeous Historic Shady Lane. He had a tough year, and I was happy to see him so happy and […]


May 24, 2016

A walk on Historic Shady Lane with Stush

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This summer has been as nice as it has been hot. A big part of the family got together in New Jersey, and some of them came to visit our first place here in York. But starting from the beginning, here’s a few pictures from the first weekend, when I got to play house with […]


August 26, 2015

Family time

"...When my husband and I saw our photos for the first time we were blown away. They are so beautiful and so full of love and emotion I get taken back to that day every time I look at them... which is often!"

Roxanne & David